Notyreg: knowledge that makes you healthy
Notyreg is the health portal of the Spark Media Group. Notyreg wants to inform and advise people on health. The focus is on quality and independence of content. We receive support from doctors and medical journalists. In addition, Notyreg benefits from the editorial and technical expertise of the entire publishing group. Of course, the contents are updated regularly. Our editors visit specialist congresses, interview experts or evaluate recent studies. Our goal is not to replace the doctor's visit, but to increase the quality of the doctor-patient relationship through information and support.
Notyreg is an independent health portal that aims to give users the ability to make a significant contribution to their own health. For this we provide the necessary tools. Because knowledge is more than power - knowledge can make you healthy . Not only that: knowledge can be fun as well. Many of our information is interactive or multimedia.
Write us your opinion about Notyreg. We are open for improvement suggestions and are pleased with constructive criticism, but also praise from our users. We want to improve our offer continuously. Therefore your opinion is important to us. Let us and other users know what you think of Lifeline. Send us an e-mail to: foreadamamus@gmail.com . we look forward to your message!

External medical consultants and experts:
  • Dr. med. Michael Barczok, Ulm
  • Prof. Dr. med. Heinz-Günther Bohnet, Hamburg
  • Mrs. Lucia Cremer, Eschweiler
  • Dr. med. Roger Eisen, Bad Griesbach
  • Miss Dr. med. Barbara Grüne, Köl
  • Dr. Jan Leidel, Cologne
  • Prof. Dr. med. Frank Nawroth, Hamburg
  • Miss Dr. Elisabeth Schönenberg-Hackenberg, Bonn
  • Dr. med. Frank Stehn, Cologne
  • Dr. med. Ulrich Thelen, Münster
  • Mr. PD med. Ronald Warm, Brandenburg on the Havel
  • Mr. Dr. med. Gotthard Riess , Munich

Legal Notice:
Contents made available on the pages of the health portals of Gong Verlag GmbH may not be reproduced, reprinted, put into Internet services or networks of any kind, even stored in excerpts, stored on data carriers and distributed or otherwise duplicated, distributed, publicly accessible be made or otherwise recycled.
Important note: The products and services of the publisher are for informational purposes only and in no case replace personal advice, examination or diagnosis by a licensed physician. We point out that neither remote diagnosis nor therapy suggestions are made for the individual case. Rather, the products and services of the publisher serve the general non-binding support and information of the user. The information can never replace a visit to a doctor or specialist information. Furthermore, no advice, recommendation or solicitation is given regarding the purchase and / or use of medicines, other health products, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Likewise, the publisher's products and services may not be used to make independent diagnoses and / or to independently select and apply or modify or discontinue medicines, other health products or treatments. This remains rather the doctor and / or pharmacist reserved.
Since 15 February 2016, the EU Commission has provided a platform for out-of-court settlement. This gives consumers the opportunity to settle disputes related to their online ordering / offering online without the intervention of a court. The Dispute Settlement Platform is available at the external link http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ . In this context, we are legally obliged to point you to our e-mail address. This is foreadamamus@gmail.com. We endeavor to settle any disputes arising from our contract by mutual agreement. In addition, we are not obligated to participate in a conciliation procedure and can not offer you participation in such a procedure.