Regulate vaccinations and prevention by app

Your smartphone can make you the whole family's health manager: Free apps let you know when you and your loved ones need checkups and vaccinations.

Prevention is better than cure, and the sooner illnesses are detected, the higher the chances of recovery. Therefore, the statutory health insurance (GKV) also covers the costs of a whole series of vaccinations and. But many do not use these important free prevention services. Example HPV vaccine : It is free for girls between the ages of 12 and 17 and protects against cervical cancer, a cancer that primarily infects younger women. But only about one third of girls in Germany are vaccinated. Even before the check-ups, many express themselves. The check-up 35, for example, is hardly perceived by a third of the beneficiaries. In Rhineland-Palatinate, for example, the 2010 quota was just 26.2 percent.

Prevention or vaccination appointments are often forgotten

The reasons for this are diverse. Not everyone knows which preventive services the health insurance fund pays, sometimes the vaccination certificate can not be found or appointments are simply overlooked or forgotten. Smartphone owners have the opportunity to be informed via app on all important and upcoming prevention measures . "APPzumARZT" is the name of the tool, which was created on the initiative of the Felix Burda Foundation and the Assmann Foundation for Preventionby the Valiton GmbH and can be downloaded since January 2011.
With the app, which is available for both iPhones and Android-based smartphones, you become the health manager for your entire family. The application informs about all free medical services and reminds of upcoming appointments not only for you. You can create a profile for each family member. Whether upcoming colon cancer screening for the grandfather, U 9 for the daughter, check-up 35 for you or tetanus booster vaccine for the partner - with the "APPzumARZT"you will always be up to date. Due dates are displayed for all family members whose profile has been created. Future preventive and vaccine appointments are also evident. The date of birth entered is based on the date of birth entered.

Check your own disease risk

There's brief information on the respective diseases, vaccinations and examinations. In addition, health checks give you the opportunity to determine your individual risk for colorectal cancer as well as - for the first time since the end of September - for heart attack and stroke stroke . The whole thing is available for free for download in the iTunes AppStore (for iPhones) and in the Android Market (for Android smartphones). Updates are also free of charge, keeping you up to date with the latest scientific advances and complementing your "APPZumARZT" with additional tools.

Electronic health record included

Since the beginning of the week there is another free app with the "MedMerker" the DAK, which also supports the health management of the whole family - including the pets. The cash register describes its new service offering as a "retirement calendar, virtual health record and emergency manual in one". Here too it is possible to create different profiles. You can specify who can be treated by which physicians, register agreed-upon preventive appointments and have them remembered. For this purpose, the appointment management of the app is linked to the calendar and address book of your mobile phone.
n addition, you can save all important health data for each profile in the "MedMerker" according to a predefined structure. Possible entries are the history of the disease, acute illnesses, previous illnesses, pre-existing conditions in the family, allergies, operations, vaccinations and medication. So you always have your complete medical record with you, even at the next doctor's visit. In addition, the app includes emergency procedures and space for entering emergency data.
By the way, according to the provider, the privacy of both apps is completely guaranteed . All entered data will be stored exclusively on your mobile phone. The "MedMerker" is also available for free download in the AppStore as well as in the Android Market.

Apps can support the therapy

In general, a look in the two app markets is worthwhile. There is now a wealth of applications that provide valuable support in prevention and therapy. So there are several apps for recording and analysis of blood glucose values for diabetic patients with diabetes are interesting. Even headache patients , asthmatics or people with high blood pressure , just to name a few, find here apps for capturing and analyzing their symptomsand other health data. Apps with reminder function for taking medication ensure that no tablet is forgotten - this is particularly interesting for patients who need to take different medications. Many of these apps are free, some pay a small fee - one should be worth your own health.

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